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Farandole of Foie Gras and its sweetness

Farandole of Foie Gras and its sweetness

Succumb to JM Monterroir's Foie Gras Farandole, a delicious symphony of taste combining the creaminess of foie gras with the exquisite sweetness of artisanal fruit jellies. Our Farandole offers a refined culinary experience, subtly combining the fondant of foie gras with the fruity and sweet flavors of fruit jellies. Made with care and passion, each piece of foie gras melts in the mouth, while the fruit jellies, made from sun-drenched fruits, bring a sweet and tangy touch. Ideal as an aperitif or starter, this Farandole of Foie Gras and fruit jellies is the perfect gastronomic gift for lovers of gourmet pleasures. Treat yourself to this unique sensory experience, available exclusively on JM MONTERROIR.
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