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We have scoured the land to unearth for you these nuggets of enthusiasts of their profession. Take the time to read their stories and better understand why their products are unique.

Chateau Montdoyen

Thanks to their terroir and their grape varieties, Château Montdoyen offers a range of wines spread over six appellations,
carefully elaborated by their Cellar Master and their oenologists.
Within each of them, the wines are divided into three levels of range in order to guide you as best as possible in your tasting
and your choice.

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Fauvel Farm

At Ferme Fauvel, we really know how to make a good chicken!

And it is not a hazard...

In Belvès in the Dordogne, these chickens have time to frolic and feed avidly on cereals also produced on the farm.

A chicken is considered “mature” at 90 days. At the Fauvel farm, chickens are only marketed at around 100 days, or even 110 days. That tells you if we have a sense of quality and excellence!

Adrien took over the farm created by his father, with the same taste for a job well done. He gradually adds his touch, through transformation (on site of course) to innovate on new proposals.

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House Coudeyrat

For 70 years, this House has been collecting medals in agricultural competitions, and praise from its customers!

Excellence and terroir are the anchors of this producer whose torch is passed on in the family.

This excellence and this terroir are precisely the conditions that make the partnership between Jm Mon Terroir and Maison Coudeyrat obvious!

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Fournier Strawberry

A “Made in Périgord” product par excellence, the strawberry is an integral part of the Périgord gastronomic landscape.

The ones we offer come from a strawberry grower who masters his subject!

At the Fourniers, strawberries are grown from father to son.

The strawberry is the red treasure, we think about it, we improve, we put our work back on the table a hundred times so that it is always better, always juicier, always more fragrant.

We don't know about you, but we would love to eat some strawberries!


Mullion House

Drink with meaning, choose biodifference

The history of the House has lasted for 3 generations of Meneau, each advancing a further step towards commitment and passion.

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Nebouts Farm

David lived for a long time in Quebec and settled in Prigonrieux where he created the Jardin des Nebouts, the name of the locality where he found residence.

For him, the future is written with his hands in the ground, one vegetable after another.

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Domain of Gammareix

The Domaine de Gammareix is ​​an ESAT (Establishment of service and assistance through work) which allows workers with disabilities to have a real place in the world of work. Everyone acts according to their abilities.

But make no mistake, the notion of excellence is well and truly present!

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nature viande

plain meat

At Nature Viande, beef has been raised for 3 generations.

O pesticide, 0 antibiotic, 0 GMO, 100% ORGANIC!

We're sure... you've never eaten beef before.

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fruits et legumes

Caussi Farm

Claire Occio is a vegetable garden poet and that's what we love about her.

In balance with the different actors of the garden, his passion can be tasted with delight in his vegetables, ORGANIC of course!

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