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Handmade vegetable wax candle - Ylang & wood - 90gr - 25hr

Handmade vegetable wax candle - Ylang & wood - 90gr - 25hr

Fragrances : Peach - Ylang-Ylang - Woody accord

Immerse yourself in a refined sensory experience with this Artisanal Vegetable Wax Candle "Ylang & Wood - Vetiver". Carefully handmade, each candle embodies artisanal excellence and a unique scent.

Captivating notes of peach, ylang-ylang and a subtle woody accord blend harmoniously, creating a captivating scent that evokes a calming and luxurious atmosphere. The delicate aroma is gradually released, filling your space with softness and elegance.

This candle is made with high quality vegetable wax, guaranteeing a clean and long-lasting burn. The warm glow of this candle adds a touch of ambiance to your home, transforming any room into a relaxing sanctuary.

Succumb to the exquisite harmony of sweet peach, sensual ylang-ylang and subtle woody accord. Let yourself be enveloped by this exceptional olfactory creation, created to awaken your senses and enrich your living space.

100% vegetable wax - Oily scent.

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