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Maison Guinguet

Agen plum jam - 230g

Agen plum jam - 230g

Succumb to the delicacy of this Agen Plum Jam, a fruity and exquisite experience that will awaken your taste buds.

Lovingly prepared in a copper cauldron, each pot is an artisanal work of art, capturing the richness of the region's iconic Ente plums.

This jam offers an explosion of flavors, balancing the natural sweetness of plums with a hint of delicately preserved acidity. The creamy texture reflects the care taken in preparation, while the shimmering color recalls the generosity of the South-West sun.

Ideal to accompany your breakfasts and create gourmet moments, this Agen Plum Jam is an authentic delight that honors the tradition and quality of local products.

Immerse yourself in the sweet world of Agenais with each spoonful of this tasty and expertly crafted jam.

Composition : Ente plums, sugar, pectin, lemon juice.
Possible presence of nuts ( Hazelnut , almonds , nut ), peanuts , sesame , products from wheat ( gluten ).

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4 years


  • Pictogramme représentant la localisation géographique d'un producteur local Producteur local
  • Pictogramme représentant la region du lot et Garonne Lot-et-garonne


  • Pictogramme représentant du Gluten Gluten
  • Pictogramme représentant des arachides Arachides
  • Pictogramme représentant du sesame Sesame
  • Pictogramme représentant un fruit a coque Fruits a coque
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