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Maison Guinguet

Pear, honey and almond jam - 230g

Pear, honey and almond jam - 230g

Discover Pear, Honey and Almond Jam, a gourmet artisanal creation that awakens the taste buds with its harmonious marriage of exquisite flavors. Prepared with passion in a copper cauldron, this jam embodies the very essence of artisanal know-how, combining the sweetness of pears, the richness of honey and the crunch of flaked almonds.

Each jar of this jam is an invitation to taste, capturing the freshness of juicy pears, the golden sweetness of honey and the delicate texture of crunchy almonds.

Made with care, this jam reveals subtle nuances and a perfect balance between sweet and fruity.

Versatile and deliciously fragrant, Pear, Honey and Almond Jam goes wonderfully with your breakfasts, desserts or gourmet moments.

Treat yourself to an exceptional taste experience with this unique creation, which celebrates the quality of ingredients and the authentic pleasure of artisanal jam.

Composition : Pears, sugar, honey, flaked ALMONDS , bitter almond flavor, pectin.

Possible presence of nuts ( hazelnuts , almonds , walnuts ), peanuts , sesame , wheat products ( gluten ).

This product requires an order lead time of 7 days.

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4 years


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