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Maison Meneau

Fizz Cola Organic 33cl

Fizz Cola Organic 33cl

Drink sensibly, choose the organic difference.


Cola is a household staple, and it has nothing to envy of its made-in-USA colleagues.


An organic cola, without caffeine, sweetened with caramelized organic fair trade cane sugar.

Its color is natural, and its flavor is slightly tangy with a few lemon tears.

It is enriched with green CO2.


The history of Maison Meneau dates back to the 19th century, with the distillation of wine into brandies in the port of Bordeaux.

This story covers 3 generations of Meneau, each taking a further step towards commitment and passion.


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Preparation advice

We like it frozen!

Nutrition information

Carbonated water, organic fair trade cane sugar from North America
Sud, organic caramel, concentrated organic lemon juice, cola extract
Organic, natural flavor of organic lime and organic spices.



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