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Dordogne leg of lamb – approximately 1.5 kg

Dordogne leg of lamb – approximately 1.5 kg

Discover culinary elegance with this leg of lamb, a choice piece that evokes finesse and gastronomic tradition. Rigorously selected, this leg of lamb represents the posterior part of the animal, including the saddle and the shortened leg, with the lower end of the leg formed by the lamb's mouse.

The tender, juicy meat of the leg of lamb is a feast for the senses, offering an unparalleled taste experience. Its delicate taste, combined with perfect cooking, makes this dish an ideal choice for special moments and convivial meals.

These lambs are raised outdoors, allowing the animals to suckle from their mothers while benefiting from the nutrients present in the fodder offered to them. We verify that this lamb meat is free from GMOs and any other chemicals, such as pesticides and antibiotics.

Final price depends on actual weight   leg of lamb, and any difference will be refunded to you.

Price per Kilo: 25.50 euros.

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Preparation advice

We advise you to roast this leg of lamb with thyme and rosemary for 40 minutes at 180 degrees to get a rare piece. The duration can be adapted according to taste.
We suggest you accompany it with flageolets.

Nutrition information


Freeze upon receipt if you are not cooking it within 2 days and defrost at the last moment for optimal flavor.


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