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Goose fat - 350g

Goose fat - 350g

Obtained from the fatty tissue of the Goose, Goose fat is an essential complement in cooking. With a particularly fine taste, it goes perfectly with potatoes, dried and fresh vegetables as well as mushrooms.

Goose fat is used, in particular, for all confits and cassoulets.

Goose is a fatty meat but goose fat is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are good for your health.

But in this total cholesterol, the “good” largely outweighs the “bad”.

Cooking from time to time with Goose (or Duck) fat is therefore quite beneficial.

Goose fat is renowned for its finesse.

This fat comes from geese that we have rigorously selected for their quality and are certified Périgord Geese.

Composition : 100% goose fat.

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