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Huilerie Monsallier

Organic walnut oil - hot pressed (traditional) - 250mL

Organic walnut oil - hot pressed (traditional) - 250mL

Explore the exquisiteness of nuts with this Organic Walnut Oil, obtained by hot pressing which releases all the richness of its flavors.

Hot pressing allows you to create a full-bodied oil with strong flavors , unlike pressure Cold which produces a light and delicate oil.

“The favorite of the Périgourdins”
After being ground with a stone mill, the cemeaux are lightly heated, then pressed. Heating the walnut paste develops new, very pleasant and appreciated aromas in Périgord salads.

Certified organic, this superior quality oil offers an intense and authentic taste experience.

Its pronounced nutty taste and delicate aroma make it an exceptional choice to enrich your dishes, salads and vinaigrettes.

Walnut oil, in addition to its gastronomic qualities, is also a source of essential fatty acids and antioxidants beneficial to health.

Transform your culinary creations into true delights with this organic walnut oil, respecting the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

Made in a workshop containing : nuts, hazelnuts, sesame.

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