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Michel Ortiz

Perigord honey - Buckwheat

Perigord honey - Buckwheat

Savor authenticity with this Local Buckwheat Honey, a pure, local delicacy that reveals the rich flavors of nature. Harvested with passion in our region, this honey offers a unique taste experience, imbued with the characteristic aromas of buckwheat.

This Local Buckwheat Honey stands out for its depth of taste, with robust, earthy and slightly nutty notes. Harvested from our dedicated bees who forage on the surrounding buckwheat flowers, each drop of this honey embodies the essence of our terroir.

Whether you enjoy it for breakfast, add it to your favorite recipes or use it as a natural sweetener, this Honey brings an inimitable touch of character to every bite.

Explore the richness of local flavors with this exceptional honey, a true gourmet treasure from our region.

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Agnes Delvaux

Goût inimitable !