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Tourain with Concentrated Périgourdin Garlic - 200g

Tourain with Concentrated Périgourdin Garlic - 200g

(for 4 people)

Tourain is a garlic soup which is cooked in concentrate, typical of Périgord. In order to add flavor to this delicious soup, we have selected a Touraine prepared with duck fat. With this emblematic starter from Périgord, you will enjoy powerful and original flavors, very appreciated in winter by the fire!

You won't be able to come to Périgord without tasting it.

Tradition dictates that when you have finished eating your soup, you make what we call "Chabrol", adding a little red wine to thin out the liquid remaining on the plate.

On the other hand, during a drunken evening, the last ones still standing wake up those who are sleeping to serve them Tourain at ungodly hours.

Tradition also dictates that Tourain is served to the newlyweds after the party in a chamber pot (the pissadou).

But Tourain was also brought in the middle of the night to new neighbors, to welcome them. After eating it, we prepared another one and we all went together to another house and so on, until the morning while waiting for breakfast.

This tradition has been somewhat lost but the flavors of this very concentrated soup are very present.

Composition : Poultry broth, garlic 5.5%, modified corn starch , duck fat, flour, salt, pepper. 

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Preparation advice

Pour the tourain into a saucepan and add 3 to 4 volumes of water, mixing well. Boil then add 2 egg whites. Remove the pan from the heat and mix very quickly. Pour in the 2 egg yolks to thicken the soup.
Serve this dish with a few slices of toasted bread that you can incorporate into the soup.

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