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Chateau Montdoyen

"Un Point C'est Tout" - Dry white wine of 2022

"Un Point C'est Tout" - Dry white wine of 2022

At Jm mon terroir we love sincerity and biases driven by passion and excellence. A period that’s all” brings together all these criteria. 

This white wine comes from the rather little-known Bergerac terroir.

Mineral and dry, nevertheless fruity without being sweet, this white wine will perfectly accompany your meal with friends or family.

Yet just a stone's throw from Saint-Emilion, the Bergerac region conceals unsuspected treasures! In fact one voice.

The “Un point c’est tout” vintage represents everything we love. The sincerity of the fruit is sent instantly. But sincerity and simplicity do not prevent excellence.

 The farm is almost always the last to sell its raisins, so that they have time to reach the maturity of the fruit that we love so much in this wine.

The house waits the necessary time before marketing its production, so that the wine has time to develop and is ready for tasting.

 Viticulture, like all cultures, is closely linked to the weather, as you know.

Well, imagine that if the year is bad, no wine is produced!

We love these enthusiasts uncompromisingly, and their products prove them right.

Grape varieties: 55% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Sauvignon Gris, 15% Sémillon

Vinification: aging in stainless steel vats

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Preparation advice

Serving temperature: between 8 and 10°C

Tasting: The nose had to live up to the beautiful pale yellow color with yellow reflections that this cuvée has: with an aromatic expression that is both subtle and complex, the nose elegantly marries notes of citrus zest, lychee and gooseberries.
The palate is not to be outdone: deep, full, with a sweetness that delicately counterbalances a beautiful freshness, it responds on the nose with discreet touches of old rose that underlie endless scents of lemon and lychee.

Here is a nice wine with a nice balance where roundness and freshness combine to merge in a mouth of a good length.

Food and wine pairing: To accompany aperitifs, seafood, shellfish, fish, charcuterie, white meats, goat cheese.

For fun, period!

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